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Reviewing Stories of Drug Use and Abuse So Far in 2017: ETG, NICOTINE, AND MORE

We have been following several important topics from both a scientific and societal angle throughout the year.  The previous series of posts highlighted the information and articles we found one category at a time.  This last entry is about a variety of subjects related to drug use and abuse. 


This article reports groundbreaking information about the cannabinoid receptor structure:


In February we posted two articles about the recent California legalization of marijuana.  The first revealed the political complications with California’s marijuana legalization:

The second reviews the legal issues around marijuana legalization:


In March, Pyxis VP Dr. Francisco Rojas wrote a blog post about Kratom and its alkaloids.  We followed up the post with this article about the DEA ban on Kratom:


In April we highlighted this article about how EtG (a biomarker for alcohol metabolization) can detect alcohol usage in the urine:


Finally, in June we posted about the interesting ways that tests for substances like nicotine and cotinine are being applied: