Finest Immunoassay Reagents
Made in the USA


Founded in 1997, Pyxis Laboratories is a California company that specializes in the research, development and production of specialty reagents for the diagnostics, pharmaceutical, environmental, and biotech industries, and research universities.

Since its founding, Pyxis has developed an industry-wide reputation for the highest quality reagents because:

  • Our scientists are experts in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunochemistry, and diagnostic testing

  • Pyxis’s lot-to-lot reproducibility is unmatched

  • All of our products are researched, designed, manufactured, andmonitored for quality control in the USA.

As a result of these strengths, Pyxis supplies immunoassay reagents to the world’s leading diagnostic companies.  We provide an expanding line of critical immunoassay reagents for diagnostics, toxicology screening, biomedical research, clinical monitoring, and in-home-testing.  These include standard and custom conjugates and antigen-antibody matched pairs for use in manufacturing immunoassays such asimmunochromatographic assays and EIA for drugs-of-abuse and therapeutic drugs. 

In addition to supplying specialty reagents, Pyxis provides custom antigen/hapten synthesis, drug-carrier conjugations, and R & D services.  Pyxis Laboratories is approved by APHIS (US Department of Agriculture) to ship medical and veterinary diagnostic reagents and products to the European Union, and has a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license.