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What is a Protein Drug Conjugate?

Drug conjugates or hapten conjugates are highly-targeted chemical compounds covalently bound to a protein such as BSA, BTG and/or enzymes such as HRP. These compounds are used in a range of academic pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications.

Drug Protein Conjugates

The high target specificity of drug conjugates allows for the accurate setting of specific biomarkers for tests in a range of scientific fields.

In the case of Pyxis Laboratories, drugs or haptens are conjugated to bovine serum albumin (BSA) through a chemical reaction that results in a very stable covalent bond with BSA.

Some of the conjugates or haptens synthesized by Pyxis Laboratories are listed below:

Alcohol such as, ethyl glucuronide-BSA (EtG-BSA).

Amphetamines such as, Amphetamine-BSA, Methamphetamine-BSA, methcathinone-BSA, MDMA-BSA, MDPV-BSA, Mephedrone-BSA and Methylphenidate-BSA (Ritalin-BSA).

Barbiturates, such as Barbital-BSA.

Cannabinoids such us, delta-8-THC-BSA, delta-9-THC-BSA;  and synthetic cannabinoids such as, JWH-018-BSA, ABpinaca-BSA, UR144-BSA.

Benzodiazepines, such as Oxazepam-BSA and Clonazepam-BSA.

Cocaine, such as BZEG-BSA

Hallucinogens/Anesthetics such as, Ketamine-BSA and PCP-BSA.

Nicotinic such as, Cotinine-BSA.

Opioids such as, Buprenorphine-BSA, Fentanyl-BSA, Methadone-BSA, Morphine-BSA, Oxycodone-BSA, Propoxyphene-BSA and others such as Chloramphenicol-BSA, Gabapentin-BSA and N-acetyl glucosamine-BSA (NAG-BSA).

These and many others, that will be too many to list, can be implemented in various devices for the detection of specific chemicals in biological samples, with a range of medical applications, including toxicology screening, clinical monitoring, and in-home-testing.

Drug Conjugates from Pyxis

Pyxis Laboratories designs, synthesizes, purifies, and analyzes consistently high-quality drug conjugates or haptens for a range of purposes, including bespoke conjugates to suit unique client requirements. These are highly stable and sensitive drug conjugates with unmatched lot-to-lot reproducibility and exceptional quality control.

If you would like any more information on our available drug conjugates or would like to discuss your specific conjugate requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.