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Reviewing Stories of Drug Use and Abuse So Far in 2017: DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING

We have been following several important topics from both a scientific and societal angle throughout the year.  The next series of posts will highlight the information and articles we found one category at a time.  We’ll start with a fascinating collection of stories about drug and alcohol testing.


From January, an article about a Canadian roadside drug testing pilot program:

March brought us two articles.  The first is about the San Diego Police Department’s roadside drug testing pilot:

The second is about the California legislature’s attempt to set alcohol and drug cut-off levels:

In June we picked up a story about testing for marijuana intoxication in drivers in Sacramento:

Finally last month, we featured two articles about drug testing.  The first was a blog post from New Zealand about the varied role of drug testing:

The Value of Testing Services

The second is about drug testing in the Kentucky prison system: