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Reviewing Stories of Drug Use and Abuse So Far in 2017: SYNTHETIC CANNABINOIDS

We have been following several important topics from both a scientific and societal angle throughout the year.  The next series of posts will highlight the information and articles we found one category at a time.  We’ll continue with a series of stories about synthetic cannabinoids.


In February, we posted this technical but interesting article about the chemistry behind UR-144:

In March we highlighted two articles.  The first is about DEA’s attempt to classify synthetic cannabinoids as Schedule I:

The second focuses on risks of synthetic cannabinoids:

April brought an update about DEA’s scheduling of synthetic cannabinoids:

In May, we focused on the biology of these substances.  This article explains the genetic factors and how the body processes synthetic cannabinoids:

Finally in June, we posted this fascinating article about the history of synthetic cannabinoids: